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Length 41 in
Height 11 in
Width 11 in
Weight 37 lbs
Battery Pack Sealed, Maintenance Free, 12.5 lbs (7 in x 7 in x 3 in
Charger Portable Charger (specify 110v or 220v)
Voltage (Nominal) 12v DC
Motor High Efficiency, Ceramic, Permanent Magnet Direct Current. High Output, .5hp @ 3500 rpm peak.
Motor Control Single Speed, Solid-State/Electro-Mechanical System. Safety On/Off Trigger Switch shuts off motor when released. Rider must push off to power motor.
Drive Train Single Belt Drive
Drive System ZAP Single Motor Power-Assist System
Frame High-Tensile Steel
Range/Speed 8 miles @ 12 mph
Features Easy to Fold and Carry - Proprietary "Roll 'n Go" circuitry extends range and prevents vehicle from starting when not moving (rider must give vehicle slight push) - Quick Release Battery System