Sale Price: $2,600.00
Retail Price:$3,700.00

If you are looking for an exceptionally well-built, dependable watercraft that delivers a WHALE OF A RIDE at a better price, we want you to join the Surfjet Set! We offer two models. Check out the Freestyle 236, one of the wildest rides on water. The Freestyle is the shortest, nimblest, and lightest of the Surfjet models. Surfjets have a patented HydroForce TM Jet Pump. Top speed 30 MPH. Nothing's this close to surfing, and no waves required! Utilizing the hull design of the Freestyle, the Pacifica 275 is designed for a heavier rider or the possibility of two-up. The Pacifica's agility is paired with the buoyancy for an elegant, stable ride that can really shred the aqua.