Electric Scooters Sale Price: $849.00
Retail Price: $999.00

The ESR750Ex is equipped with larger sealed lead acid batteries, which deliver a range increase of more than 50% over the standard ESR750 stock range and duration.
The ESR750Ex will provide users with an impressive 12+ mile range in Economy mode - a top speed of 12 mph - and up to an 8 mile range in Turbo Mode, which allows users to reach a top speed of 20mph*.
At only 59.5 pounds, the new ESR750Ex still has the best range to weight ratio of any electric scooter in the World.
It is ideal for Electric enthusiasts and commuters looking for an economical excellent range electric scooter which boasts unmatched power, reliability, performance, and has all the compact and carrying ability commuters are looking for in alternative transportation.
All high quality and performance oriented features of the ESR750 remain standard on the new ESR750Ex.